Concert Tomorrow

Yay! The concert is just hours away.  The none of the details have changed.  Please see the post from last week for exact times and concert dress.  A couple of quick reminders:

1. We DO have Advanced Band tomorrow in the morning – Percussionists should arrive early if possible.

2. We do NOT have Beginning Band after school.  Students should practice some before the concert if possible, though.

3.  Eat a healthy meal before coming back to the concert.

4. Come in concert dress with your instrument and music at 5:30.  We will warm up in the Auditorium at 5:40.  

5.  Please sign up to bring something for the reception  Many people have signed up to bring paper products, but we are still short on food and beverages to put in/on them.  You can deliver reception items to the music room during the day tomorrow or leave them with Molly Kershling in the Foyer at 5:30.  

6.  I will be checking email hourly – email me with any questions and I will respond promptly. 

See you tomorrow night!

6.  I will check my email hourly


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