Important – Please Read!!

This is an important posting full of essential information.  Please, please, please read it for concert, showcase and end of year processes!

Spring Showcase Concerts! 

May 16th is next Thursday already!  Please meet in the music room 15 minutes ahead of the concert time to get your instrument out and be ready to play.  I could certainly use a couple of parents to supervise students and walk them down to the gym.  Please let me know if you are available to help.  Students should wear a Polaris t-shirt or comfortable school clothes.  This is not a formal event.  Following our performance, students and parents will exit the north side of the gym and proceed along Park Ave. West and reenter the playground through the blue gate.  **Be sure that students put their instrument in the case and take it with them after the performance.

Beginning Band: 6:15 Performance time – meet in the music room at 6:00 **Remember, there will not be band after school.

Advanced Band: 7:15 Performance time – meet in the music room at 7:00

Spring Concert at DSA

Thank you for your patience with scheduling this year!  We will perform at Denver School of the Arts (Montview Blvd. and Quebec) on Monday, May 20th at 5:30 pm.  Beginning Band needs to arrive by 4:30 to practice on the stage and eat a snack.  It is tradition that students enjoy a “pizza pick-me-up” before the concert.  I will order pizza to be delivered by 4:00, but will need help serving pizza and other snacks.  Please sign up here to volunteer or bring something to share.  Also, I could use help after the concert with hauling percussion equipment and cleaning up the concert hall – please use the same link to sign up.  This is a formal concert please wear your black and white concert clothes.  If you need to borrow black pants or a white shirt, please let me know by Friday, May 17th.

Advanced Band Field Trip to DSA: We will join the DSA bands for a day of musical learning on Monday, May 20th and remain there for our concert that evening.  Students need to arrive at DSA (no transportation will be provided from Polaris) between 8:30 and 8:45.  At 8:45 we will proceed to the band room for rehearsal and the day of playing, listening and learning.  Students need to bring the following: instrument, music, sack lunch, snack, concert clothes and a quiet, non-electronic activity.  Books, drawing, card games, and homework are all great options for this time.  Students may bring cell phones, however, they are only to be used to contact parents during designated times.  Feel free to contact my cell phone 303.830.2844 with any urgent needs during our field trip.  At 4:00 we will eat a pizza snack, enjoy the quiet activity and change for the concert.  Join us from 5:30-6:30 for a great concert.

End of Year Information

After our concert we will still have band!  It is important for us to reflect on our performance and celebrate a successful year.

Beginning Band: May 21st – we will play our instruments and enjoy a frozen treat

Advanced Band: May 24th – we will practice for continuation and enjoy donuts

Students using Polaris Instruments: If you are returning to the Polaris Band Program next year you may keep your instrument for the summer.  Please play it!  If you are continuing on to middle school or leaving the program for another reason, you must return the instrument before you leave for the summer.

Thank you for reading to the end!  I know it was a lot of information and I appreciate your attention to these details.

Please reach out to me with any questions – or 720.424.7884.


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