Showcase Reminder

We are just two days from our annual Polaris Spring Showcase.  As a reminder, both bands will play.  There will be Advanced Band practice in the morning, but not for beginning band in the afternoon.  Beginning Band will meet in my classroom at 6:00 and perform at 6:15.  Advanced Band will meet at 7:00 to play at 7:15.  Any students who are directly coming from a classroom performance or will directly to a classroom performance needs to plan ahead.  For example a third grade student who is in beginning band would meet in my classroom at 6:00, play with the beginning band and then stay in the gym to perform with their class.  Please help them remember to take their instrument with them after the performance.

The whole schedule is below:

5:30pm – 1st Grade
5:45pm – Honor Choir
6:00pm – 2nd Grade
6:15pm – Beginning Band
6:30pm – 3rd Grade
6:45pm – Friday Jump Club
7:00pm – 4th Grade
7:15pm – Advanced Band
7:30pm – 5th Grade

A special note to 4th graders in Advanced Band.  You will need to bring your instrument and music with you to your 4th grade performance because the band plays directly afterwards.  It can stay in the case, but you will need to get it out very quickly while the 5th graders walk down to meet you.

Also, please read the previous post about the Advanced Band field trip and our concert on Monday!  I will post a reminder on Friday with last minute instructions as well.

See you Thursday!






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