About Band


Our band program is an opportunity for students in grades 3-5 to begin or continue playing a band instrument.  There are two different performance groups to accommodate students playing abilities.  Beginning band is for students who have never played an instrument before.  This group will start learning how to play and perform together.  Students do not need any prior experience reading music or playing an instrument to join.  Advanced band is for students who have played their instrument for at least one year.  Students in this group will begin working together on band literature and performance techniques.


1.     Students will learn the mechanics and techniques of playing a band instrument.

2.     Students will learn music literacy

3.     Students will understand the historical, cultural and aesthetic value of music as an art form.

4.     Students will be given opportunities to create and express themselves through music.


Student Responsibilities

1.     Students are responsible for bringing their instrument, music and supplies to all scheduled rehearsals.

2.     The student is expected to follow school and classroom rules while in band.  This includes respecting other musicians and taking responsibility for their own behavior.

3.     Students are responsible for practicing their instrument outside of lessons.  Students will be informed of practice assignments during rehearsal.

4.     Attendance is required.  Students must attend rehearsals to perform with the group.  Three absences are permitted per concert.


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