Beginning Band Pick-up

Beginning Band ends at 4:30pm.  Students need to be picked up by no later than 4:45 each afternoon.  Students may be picked up directly from the vestibule outside the library or from the Glennarm side of the school.  Students will NOT be released to the playground!  At 4:45 remaining students will be escorted to the office to call a parent.  I will wait with students until they are picked up.  After 5:00 a $5.00 late fee will be charged.  If parents cannot be reached by 6:00pm the DPS security officers will be contacted and the student will be released to an officer.

Advanced Band Morning Policies

Band members need to report to band at 7:40 before each practice begins at 7:45.  This allows students time to set-up and mentally prepare for each rehearsal.  Students who arrive after 7:55 will be responsible for making up the practice during their lunch recess.  Exceptions will be made for inclement weather or extenuating circumstances.  Following rehearsal students will be released promptly at 8:30.  They are to go directly to the cafeteria for breakfast or outside.  Students may not be in the hallway or in their classrooms until the bell rings.


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