Supplies List/Music Store Information

Local Music Stores:

Flesher Hinton Music (5890 W 44th Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO 80212)

Kolacny Music (S. Broadway and Evans)

The Music Store (E. Hampden and I-25)

Required Materials

You may purchase materials directly from the music store of your choice, or you may order items through me.  To order from me, please call or email me by Thursday of each week so I may place the order on Tuesdays.  I will have a supply of reeds available at all times for students to purchase.

1.     Method Book

Standard of Excellence, Book 1.  This is the book we will use daily in class for skill development and literacy.

2.     Supplies-

These vary by instrument.  If you do not have these items, they may be purchased through either the music stores or Mrs Kielmeyer.

Flute: Cleaning rod, cotton cloth (part of an old t-shirt works fine)

Oboe:  Feather cleaner or silk swab, 2 reeds

Clarinet: At least 2 reeds (Mitchell Lurie or Van Doren brand), a reed guard, cork grease and cleaning swab

Alto Sax: At least 2 reeds (Hemke or Van Doren) reed guard, cork grease and cleaning swab.

Trumpets: Valve oil, tuning slide grease

Trombones: Slide oil or tuning slide grease and small spray bottle for water (optional, you can get one at Target, Wal-Mart etc.)


3.     Pencil – Every day!  Please keep one exclusively for band in your instrument case or folder

4.     Folders and sheet music – Advanced Band students need a 3-ring binder.  The sheet music is provided.  Please keep the music in good condition, as it is returned after the performance.  You will be assessed $.25 per page for lost or damaged music.

5.     An instrument – Polaris has many instruments available for students to use.  Students can also rent or buy their own and bring it to band.  When renting or buying an instrument please do so from a music store.  The instruments found at other retail stores (Target, Sears…) often need repairs before a single note is played.  They do not offer service or warranties for these instruments either.  Ebay and Craigslist can be good sources for instruments, but proceed with caution.  Make sure the instrument can be returned to the seller or negotiate a week trial period.  Bring the instrument to band and Mrs. Kielmeyer will look over it.


Polaris does have percussion equipment to check out to students, however, the local music stores have the specifications for Polaris students.  The drum kit should include both a snare drum and a set of orchestra bells as well as the sticks and mallets for each instrument.  Percussionists will learn to play both instruments in band.  Practice pads are also available for purchase to make practicing at home easier.


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