Happy New Year!

Hope all of you had a wonderful winter break!  Below are the updates for each band.  Please take a moment to read them and also check the schedules page.  There are a couple of Thursdays this month when we will not have regular practice due to Polaris or DPS events.

Beginning Band – Our first “official” practice for 2018 is 1/16.  However, I would love to have a flute and percussion sectional rehearsal this Thursday from 3:30-4:30.  Parents of flute and percussion players, please email to confirm that your student can join me and I can plan accordingly.  The talent show is scheduled for 1/18. We should be finished long before the event starts, but if your student needs the time to prepare just let me know.  It would be an excused absence.  I will be attending the Colorado Music Educator’s Convention the following Thursday 1/25 and we will not have band.  Also, band will be cancelled for 2/1 due to the 3rd grade Night of the Notables event.

Advanced Band – Full band practices begin again on 1/16 (next Tuesday).  Thursday morning 1/11, however, will be an extra practice for 5th graders attending the DPS citywide event.  Unsure if your student is participating? All 5th graders are invited.  More Information about citywide is below.  My plan for our band these first few weeks of 2018 will be small ensembles.  It allows me to differentiate instruction and meet individual student needs.  Also, it increases student responsibility and leadership opportunities with their peers.  The next scale test will be in February.  I will be gone on 1/25 to the Colorado Music Educator’s Convention so we will not practice.

Citywide Band Information – This is a DPS arts sponsored event to allow students the experience to perform more complex music with a large band of their peers from across the district.  To participate in Citywide the commitments are for Saturday 1/13 from 9:00-12:00 sectionals, 1/19 field trip from 9:00-4:30 and 1/20 9:00-1:00 rehearsal and 2:00 concert  at Manuel HS.  I am hand delivering permission slips tomorrow with more information.  Students can pick up music either tomorrow or on Thursday morning.  I apologize for the short notice.  I spoke with the students months ago, but did not get the permission forms to them in December.  If your student has scheduling conflicts that cause them to miss an hour or two of the rehearsals, we can be flexible.  Just communicate with me so that we can plan accordingly.  Email with any concerns or questions.




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Band Tomorrow

Thank you all for your flexibility with rescheduling from last Thursday!  My family welcomed my new niece, Emberly Phyn Yukawa and I cherish every extra moment I can spend with her. She and my sister are both doing very well so our lives can return to a more normal schedule (or as normal as December can be).

Both bands will practice tomorrow, Tuesday 12/19 during their usual times.  This will be the final practice for beginning band for 2017.  Advanced Band will practice again on Thursday 12/21 for the school assembly later that morning.

Classes will start again on January 16th for both bands.  Unless you inform me otherwise, I assume that your student will be continuing with band in the spring.  There is no need to re-enroll or any other paperwork to fill out.  Please check the “schedule” tab for the spring dates.  I may tweak them tomorrow after confirming a couple of dates for school events, but most are correct.   Beginning band families who opted for the semester payment plan are reminded that their second payment is due by 1/30/18.

Thank you again for a wonderful concert last week! Student performances are some of the highlights of my holiday season each year.  I wish you all a very happy holiday season full of anticipation and wonder for 2018 – Happy New Year!

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No Band Today!!

Good Morning Bands!  Stellar job with your concert on Tuesday!  I will write more about that in a post later today, but I need to update you all on a last minute schedule change.

Today my new niece will be born in Colorado Springs.  My sister just called (it’s 2:15am) and she has been laboring for several hours already.  It’s clear that I need to take the day off to spend with family as we welcome our newest member.

To be clear – no band today.  We will have practice on Tuesday instead.  I apologize for any inconvenience in cancelling at the last moment.  Look for more information after the sun rises.

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Concert Tomorrow 12/12/17

I’m so excited about the band, choir and violin concert tomorrow! It should be a fantastic show.  All of the information for the concert is in the previous posts, but there are just a few reminders for today.  Concert is in the gym tomorrow 12/12 at 6:15 pm.  Students need to arrive at 5:30 wearing concert clothes (see concert tab above for description) If your student is also in choir, please allow an extra 5 minutes (if possible) for your student to change into their choir shirt.  Also, come early if your student suddenly realizes that they need a reed, valve oil or other instrument supplies.  I cannot sell them after 5:30.

We WILL have Advanced Band tomorrow morning, but Beginning Band will NOT practice after school.  Students should go home and prepare for the concert.  The last day of Beginning Band for the semester is 12/14.  There is an Advanced Band schedule change.  We will have band on Thursday morning 12/14 AND 12/21.  This is to prepare for the school assembly later that morning.  It is an encore of the holiday songs from the concerts to bring a bit of cheer to the students before winter break.  There will not be any new music for students to learn.  Parents are welcome to attend the assembly, but there will not be anything different from tomorrow’s concert.

Thank you to everyone who has already signed up to bring treats and help with setting up the reception.  Looking at the Slyreply today, there are still lots of opportunities for volunteering with student supervision and clean up.  Also, all of the paper products are covered, but we could use more food to serve on them.  I will pick up some large cookie trays tomorrow if needed.

I will be checking my email hourly today and tomorrow, so please feel free to ask any last minute questions.

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Concert Information – Polite Version

Please read the updated concert information here.  I posted yesterday after a very long teaching day and the post was rather curt and impolite.  The basic information is still the same, though.  I apologize for cluttering your email inbox and hope you have a fantastic day!!

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Important Winter Concert Information

This is the “polite version” of the winter concert information.  I apologize that you may be receiving this message twice.  In my previous post, I was writing after a very long teaching day and was not thinking clearly.  My comment about “skimmers” was a reaction to my own mistake in skimming an email and I apologize.  You are all probably much more thorough than I being careful to catch all of the important details below. If you already read the previous email, the following information is exactly the same.  If you haven’t, please delete it because it is snarky and redundant.

Our winter concert is on Tuesday night, December 12, 2017 in the Polaris Gym at 6:15.  Students need to arrive at 5:30 to warm-up and have their photo taken for the yearbook.  Those photos will be available for purchase.  Come a few minutes early to fill out the Lifetouch envelope if you want to buy one.  Please check out the concert information page for concert dress requirements.  If your student does not have one of these items, please let me know by Friday 12/9.  I have lots of white shirts and black pants in various sizes for students to borrow.  The concert will last about 1 hour with a dessert reception to follow. Please click here to volunteer or bring treats to share.

On 12/12 we WILL have Advanced Band in the morning.  Beginning band will NOT practice.  Check the “schedule” page for end of the semester class schedules.

Please encourage your student to practice these next two weeks.  Some great practice strategies include, but are not limited to: clapping rhythms, verbally naming notes (great for car practice) playing songs slowly, finding “tricky” spots, playing whole songs, and pretend concerts for friends or family.  Ideally, students should play 15-20 minutes 3 or 4 times per week.

As always don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions.  If you choose to post a question or comment here on the blog, be aware that my response is visible to all subscribers.  If your comment would benefit everyone please post it here.  If not, please send individual questions or comments to my email corrilee_kielmeyer@gmail.com.


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October Updates

Band is up and running very smoothly!! So smoothly that I have not needed to update the blog in over a month – I think that’s a new record!

Please mark your calendars for our Holiday Concert on December 12th, 2017 at 6:00.  Both bands will perform with the honor choir and violin classes with a cookie reception to follow.  Also, a quick reminder that tuition was due in September.  If you have not paid your tuition, please check the tuition tab for more information and take care of that as soon a possible.  Continue to check out the announcements for each band below…

Beginning BandWe will NOT have band on Halloween, but will begin again on Thursday 11/2.  Now is a great time to take inventory of supplies and the condition of their instrument.  Please let me know if your student is needing any supplies or if their instrument isn’t in tip-top shape.  Also, check in with your student about practice habits.  They should be practicing at least 3 times per week outside of band practice.  They don’t need to be long; 10 minutes is plenty of time.  If practice is a struggle, please let me know and we can brainstorm solutions together.

Advanced Band – We WILL have band on Halloween.  We will have our “not-so-scary” scale test.  Students need to have the Bb concert scale, arpeggio and chords (#88) memorized.  They will play in pairs unless a student wants to play individually.  Please check in with your student about their progress toward this goal.  Many have already passed or are very close.  Also, check in with your student about any supplies or the condition of their instrument.  Let me know if they need anything or if an instrument is in need of repair.




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