Updates 10/23/18

I hope these updates find you all well rested and ready for the next quarter of the school year.

Winter concert is December 13th, 2018!  Please keep this evening on your calendar.  Both bands, violin classes and the honor choir will perform followed by a dessert reception.

Thank you to the families who have paid their tuition on time.  If you have not gotten around to this detail, please send it in as soon as possible.  As always, please contact me regarding any financial need.

Instrument care is ongoing.  Now is a really great time to check in with your student regarding reeds, oiling valves/slides and swabbing out their instrument each and every time they play their instrument.

Reminder that Beginning band is cancelled this Thursday 10/25 due to the 4th grade drumming performance.  We will resume next week.






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Band Books Available

For the next 2 weeks I will be operating as an extension of Flesher Hinton Music Company selling band books.  These are the Standard of Excellence books required for both Beginning and Advanced Bands.  There are two editions available: the traditional book only and the “enhanced” version which comes with a play-along CD.  Either one is fine.  For all instruments, with the exception of percussion, the cost is $6.95 for traditional and $10.95 for enhanced.  Percussion books are $10.95 for traditional and $14.95 for enhanced.  Please make checks to Flesher Hinton Music or send cash.  Also, I always keep a stash of reeds and other supplies to be purchased in the same way.  Beginning clarinet and saxophone players probably need a new reed or two by this point.  Clarinet reeds are $2.00 and Saxophone reeds are $2.50.  I stock these as a convenience, but feel free to order online or purchase from another music store.  If your family needs financial assistance for the book or supplies, please let me know.

Beginning Band Parents: The text reminder instructions on the registration form was incorrect please try again.  Text ckielme to 81010.  Thanks!

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Beginning Band Starts Today

Today and Thursday are two of my favorite days during school year.  Students are so excited and it is magical to watch them make those first sounds.  There are a couple of important announcements for beginning band families as we get up and rolling.

Today is woodwind day – Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone.  All other instruments get ready for Thursday.

Good news!! Students needing to borrow a school clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba and percussion will get their first choice.  Most likely flute players will also, but there were a couple of last minute registrations last night.  I have to triple check that I have enough instruments for all of them.  Flute players plan on coming to band today.  I will contact individual families by 11:00am today if any changes need to be made.

The instrument comes with the needed supplies to make a sound today.  Clarinet and Saxophone players will have 2 reeds; brass players will have slide/valve oil.  These don’t last forever and will need to be replaced.

Parents of students borrowing a school instrument must fill out the instrument use agreement before they can take the instrument home.  Please allow 5-10 extra minutes at pick-up for this purpose.  These forms have each individual instrument serial numbers and condition, so they cannot be printed and filled out ahead of time.  Students going to discovery link can take the form home and return it with a signature on Thursday or Friday.  Unfortunately, I’m not at Polaris on Wednesday, so they will have to wait to exchange it.

Books will be available for purchase next week.  You do not need to have your book by today.  In fact, I have books for students to borrow until they can get one of their own.  There is no rush.  I will operate as an extension of Flesher Hinton Music for the next 3 weeks.  More information about that in the next post.

Text Message Blunder!  There was a typo in the registration form.  There were several of you who kindly informed me that they received an error as they tried to sign up.  Please try again.  Text @ckielme to 81010. If you still receive an error, please send me an email with your cell number(s) and I can sign you up on my end.

When I checked my email this morning there were roughly 25 band related messages.  I will do my very best to respond to all of you quickly.  However, with getting instruments ready and teaching my music classes it may be impossible to get to them all.  Expect a response no later than Thursday.  Thank you for your understanding.


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Beginning Band Registration Open

I’m very excited to start beginning band next week.  To register online click here.  After filling out the google form, be sure to click “follow” on the left side of this page.  You will receive an email when I post new information about band.  Also, be sure to sign up for optional text alerts as well.  Send a text to 81010 with @ckielmeye in the text line.  The schedule for next week is as follows:

Tuesday 9/11 – Woodwind players only (flute, clarinet, saxophone)

Thursday 9/13 – Brass and Percussion only (trumpet, trombone, horn, tuba, drums and bells)

After next week, all students should attend both Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you plan on borrowing a school instrument, parents need to sign a DPS instrument use form.  This must be signed before the students can take the instrument home.  Plan a few minutes after the first rehearsal to sign the instrument out.

Pick up will be promptly at 4:30 at the playground doors closest to the auditorium.  This is different from other enrichments.

As always, please email me with any questions corrilee_kielmeyer@dpsk12.org

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Happy New Year!

Happy new school year to all band families!  I’m so excited to begin another year of teaching and making music with students.  Also, I look forward to reconnecting with the wonderful Polaris parents.  I’m so thankful to be a part of this truly remarkable Polaris community.  There are some new policies and announcements to share as we get band up and rolling again.  I tried to group them according to each band individually.

Beginning Band Announcements (For very beginning students who have not played a band instrument before)

Welcome to the band blog!  I’m so glad your student is interested in playing a band instrument.  Please take a few moments to explore this site.  If you have any questions please reach out to me via email at corrilee_kielmeyer@dpsk12.org or call my classroom 720.424.7884.  Also, mark your calendar for the “Instrument Petting Zoo” on September 6th from 3:30-4:30 in the auditorium.  Students either need a parent present or will need a signed permission slip.  Paper copies are available in the music room or at curriculum night.  You can also print the form by clicking here.

Advanced Band Announcements (For students who have played their instrument for one school year or longer).

Advanced Band Schedule Change –  We will now practice from 7:45-8:30 on Thursday and Friday mornings.  I am required to attend all staff meetings this year on Tuesday mornings and therefor have to change our rehearsal days.  I apologize for any inconvenience.

Advanced Band Start Date – We will begin on September 6th at 7:45.  There will be a brief 10 minute parent meeting to begin.  This is the perfect time to set up carpools and connect with other band parents.  Also, we will walk through some new communication systems.  Students need to bring their instrument, music book and any other supplies with them to this practice.  We will play together following the brief meeting.

Advanced Band First Week Schedule – September 6th full band.  September 7th is Percussionists only.  These students have a lot of physical logistics to work out.  This one class will save hours of group rehearsal time later.

Parent Volunteer Needed – This year each grade level has a closed Facebook page organized by parents.  I would like to see one created for band as well.  If you would like to help create and monitor this page, please contact me.

Student Musicians Needed – We will again organize an “Instrument Petting Zoo” for beginning band.  This will be from 3:30-4:30 on September 6th in the auditorium.  If you or an older middle school sibling would like to demonstrate and talk about what it’s like to play your instrument, please let me know.

Advanced Band Registration – There are 3 parts to registering for band this year.  First, complete the Registration Form.  Next, “subscribe to this blog” on the left menu bar and/or click here to receive text messages.  Your student will not be registered for band unless I can communicate with you.  Lastly, take care of tuition.  Unless your family qualifies for a scholarship please bring a check made out to Polaris at Ebert for $250 to the first meeting or send it with your student before September 21st.

As always if you have questions or have specific needs, please email corrilee_kielmeyer@dpsk12.org or call 720.424.7884.


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Concert Encore Thursday

I’m so proud of the Polaris bands!  They both performed so well last Thursday.  Many parents expressed their congratulations after the concert and even through the day on Friday.  I’m so excited to hear them both play again tomorrow in preparation for Thursday’s Spring Showcase.  Yes, both bands will practice tomorrow (5/22) and perform again Thursday (5/24.) This is a chance for all students to share musical performance with the Polaris community. It is a relaxed atmosphere, so black and white concert clothes are not necessary.  Students should wear a Polaris t-shirt if you have one.  If not, comfortable school clothes are fine.  Please meet me in the music room 15 minutes before your performance time to get your instrument out and line up. Beginning Band meets at 6:30 will play at 6:45 and Advanced Band meets at 7:00 and performs at 7:15.  The 4th graders in Beginning Band will need to remain in the gym after their band performance to recite poetry with the 4th grade.  The 4th graders in Advanced Band will need to bring their instruments with them to the gym for their class performance and remain there until the band joins them.  Following the performance, be sure to put your instrument back in its case and take it home.

The Schedule for the rest of the year is as follows:

5/22 – Both bands practice as usual.

5/24 –  Advanced Band will rehearse as usual.  Beginning Band will not practice.

5/29 – Final practice for both bands.

5/30 – Advanced Band plays for continuation during school

Summer Instrument Policies:

Returning Students: Please keep your instrument over the summer, play it and care for it as usual.  Instruments are like pets, though, they should not be left in hot cars.  Also like pets, instruments like attention.  Plan a couple of practice times per week to play your favorite songs.

Continuing 5th grade students or those not planning to play in band next year: All instruments need to be returned on or before Wednesday, 5/30.  Please take all personal belongings out of the case including used reeds and pencils.



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Last Minute Concert Announcements

Just two days left until our concert!  As always, there are a few last minute announcements.  First, the SlyReply for volunteering and food donations was incorrect.  It is fixed and can be found here.  The positions we need the most are for student supervision, food servers and percussion schlepers.  Second, if your student needs to borrow concert clothes please let me know via email before the end of the day tomorrow 5/16.  Lastly, we will have Advanced Band practice on Thursday morning, but Beginning Band will meet at DSA as close to 4:00 as possible (no practice after school at Polaris).  Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything before Thursday.  I’m looking forward to an excellent concert!


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