Concert Encore Thursday

I’m so proud of the Polaris bands!  They both performed so well last Thursday.  Many parents expressed their congratulations after the concert and even through the day on Friday.  I’m so excited to hear them both play again tomorrow in preparation for Thursday’s Spring Showcase.  Yes, both bands will practice tomorrow (5/22) and perform again Thursday (5/24.) This is a chance for all students to share musical performance with the Polaris community. It is a relaxed atmosphere, so black and white concert clothes are not necessary.  Students should wear a Polaris t-shirt if you have one.  If not, comfortable school clothes are fine.  Please meet me in the music room 15 minutes before your performance time to get your instrument out and line up. Beginning Band meets at 6:30 will play at 6:45 and Advanced Band meets at 7:00 and performs at 7:15.  The 4th graders in Beginning Band will need to remain in the gym after their band performance to recite poetry with the 4th grade.  The 4th graders in Advanced Band will need to bring their instruments with them to the gym for their class performance and remain there until the band joins them.  Following the performance, be sure to put your instrument back in its case and take it home.

The Schedule for the rest of the year is as follows:

5/22 – Both bands practice as usual.

5/24 –  Advanced Band will rehearse as usual.  Beginning Band will not practice.

5/29 – Final practice for both bands.

5/30 – Advanced Band plays for continuation during school

Summer Instrument Policies:

Returning Students: Please keep your instrument over the summer, play it and care for it as usual.  Instruments are like pets, though, they should not be left in hot cars.  Also like pets, instruments like attention.  Plan a couple of practice times per week to play your favorite songs.

Continuing 5th grade students or those not planning to play in band next year: All instruments need to be returned on or before Wednesday, 5/30.  Please take all personal belongings out of the case including used reeds and pencils.




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Last Minute Concert Announcements

Just two days left until our concert!  As always, there are a few last minute announcements.  First, the SlyReply for volunteering and food donations was incorrect.  It is fixed and can be found here.  The positions we need the most are for student supervision, food servers and percussion schlepers.  Second, if your student needs to borrow concert clothes please let me know via email before the end of the day tomorrow 5/16.  Lastly, we will have Advanced Band practice on Thursday morning, but Beginning Band will meet at DSA as close to 4:00 as possible (no practice after school at Polaris).  Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything before Thursday.  I’m looking forward to an excellent concert!


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Concert Next Week

I’m so excited for the concert next week!  The students are sounding great during band practice and will certainly put on a wonderful show.  The concert is in the Denver School of the Arts Concert Hall at 5:30 next Thursday, May 17th.  Students need to bring or wear their concert clothes (see the above tab) instrument, music and a quiet non-electronic activity.  Students need to meet at DSA between 4:00 and 4:30.  Because the concert is directly after school, I will be serving the students a slice of pizza with baby carrots as a large snack before the concert.  To help facilitate serving the food, I will need some parent volunteers.  Also, I could use help getting equipment back to my car after the concert.  Please click here if you are able to volunteer.

The schedule for May 17th is as follows:

7:45-8:30 Advanced Band practice as usual

3:30-4:15 Travel time from Polaris to DSA.  Transportation is not provided.  Please feel free to leave comments on the blog to facilitate carpool arrangements.

4:15-4:40 Beginning Band eats pizza and gets instruments out while Advanced Band rehearses on stage.

4:40-5:00 Beginning Band rehearses on stage and Advanced Band eats pizza

5:00 Band students change into concert clothes

5:30 Concert Starts

6:30ish Concert Ends

We will perform an encore of our favorites from this concert for the Spring Showcase on May 24th.  Beginning Band will play at 6:15 and Advanced Band at 6:45 in the Polaris Gym.  Please meet me in the music room 15 minutes before the performance with your instrument and music.  Dress for the event is Polaris t-shirts (if you have one) with comfortable school clothes.  No need for black and white.

**Advanced Band please read the following about the field trip: Due to the late concert date change, Dave Hammond and I have not been able to find a day for the field trip next week.  As of today, Wednesday 5/9, we will not spend a day with the DSA bands this year.  If I hear back from him with a last minute change I will let you know.  I’m deeply disappointed that it did not work out and will do everything in my power to make sure we go next year.


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Concert Changes

If there is one word to describe the past week it is, “flexibility.”  We have all needed to make adjustments due to the non-student contact day and now I also have to ask for your flexibility as well.  Denver School of the Arts Vocal Department needs to use their concert hall on May 8th during our previously scheduled spring concert.  Our concert has changed to May 17 at 5:30pm in the DSA concert hall.  The advanced band field trip will also change.  Dave Hammond, the band director will be out of town on 5/17.  He and I are still working out the best way for our students to collaborate.  Most likely the advanced band will visit DSA for a field trip on another day that week.  I will let you know more details about that as they come.  Again, I apologize for the last minute change!

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Spring Concert

Before I announce the spring concert date and time, I have a few reminders for this week:

Beginning Band – Regular practices are cancelled – NO BAND on Tuesday or Thursday.  Extra class is offered on Friday morning at 7:45.

Advanced Band – It is the “Love of Scales” week.  Each student should have the F Concert Scale #96 in the book memorized.  Tuesday’s class will be volunteer and all will get a chance to play on Thursday.  If your student is apprehensive about the test, have them talk to me individually.

Spring Concert Information 

Our spring concert will be on Tuesday, May 8th in the Denver School of the Arts Concert Hall.  The Advanced Band will spend the entire day with the DSA band students in sectionals and listening to their performances.  Beginning band will meet us there at 4:00 for a final rehearsal in the hall before our concert at 5:15.  The Honor Choir and Violin students will also be joining us for the concert.  Look for more details as the concert approaches.


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Beginning Band Schedule

There is a bit of confusion about beginning band scheduling for tomorrow, February 1st.  I listed it as a scheduled day on the “schedules page,” but in an earlier post I said it would be cancelled due to Night of the Notables.  Therefore, I have decided to make it optional. I will teach any students who decide to stay, but I will not take official roll.  There will NOT be any phone calls home for children who are absent.

It has been said that “February is the new May,” because of the district and school performances this month.   The 4th graders will be presenting a Drumming Extravaganza on February 13th at 4:30 and the citywide honor choir is February 15th.  Band is cancelled for both of those days.  Because of all of these cancellations, I have decided to add some optional Friday morning practices on the 9th, 16th and 23rd of February.  These run from 7:45-8:30 in the auditorium.  Hopefully, your student can take advantage of one or more of these sessions to keep them playing during this busy time.



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This is just a quick reminder that both Advanced Band and Beginning Band are cancelled for Thursday 1/25/18 because I will be attending the Colorado Music Educator’s Convention in Colorado Springs.  Practice will resume on Tuesday 1/30/18 as usual.  Please encourage your students to practice this week.  Beginning Band is working on a new note and most songs on page 10.  Advanced Band received their small ensemble music yesterday.  They should practice their part and the other players parts as well.  Have a wonderful week!

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